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What is hustle+Flow?

A workshop focused on the nitty-gritty business side of being an entrepreneur. Photographer, Florist, Makeup Artist, Fitness Coach, Wedding Planner, Hair Stylist, DJ, E-Com — you want to make money by doing what you love to do? This is the workshop for you.

It isn’t always easy to hear what we have to say, but we would never tell you unless we knew it was going to help your business.

meet Brittani
and JON
Who is teaching?

BRITTANI AKA “Mami”: I’m the sassy, firey, no bullshit teacher. If you mixed GaryVee + Cardi B…. well…. hello, it me. However, I will say that I have learned to embrace my vulnerable side lately (Thank you, Brene Brown!). I’ve learned there’s a time to be tough love and there’s a time to drop the tough and just show the love. Learning to gauge different personalities of attendees who have different walks of life and sharing my own personal failures/mistakes have shaped me into a better teacher of balancing between the two sides of who I am. Alumni’s call me Mami because I will give you the kick in the ass that you need and then hug you at the end of the day.

JON AKK “Papi”: He does not want to write anything about himself on here. So he told me (Brittani) to tell you all “you’ll see when you meet me and why everyone calls me PAPI”.

what you will be learning
"It's time to put on your business hat on
and take this shit seriously”

Branding: The Pitfalls +  The Direction Of Honing In Your Voice.

How To Run Your Business Instead Of Your Business Running You.

How To Price Yourself – No Matter What Market.

Marketing + Messaging.

How To Properly Advertise.

Break-down Access To Facebook Ads.

What An Ideal Client Actually Is

Jon’s infamous “Stalking Method” (Free Advertising)

Website Keys Tips (Because A Shitty Website Can Ruin Everything)

Emailing + Communication With Clients

Check Up From The Neck Up (Personal Development/Mental Health)


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Can I bring my child/children to the workshop?
Hustle + Flow Orlando November 12th & 13th
Tuesday, November 12th 2019