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What is hustle+Flow?

A workshop focused on the nitty gritty business side of photography + also any wedding vendor.

There will be no styled shoots, no bonfires with creative inspiration talks. Nope, none of that.

It isn’t always easy to hear what we have to say, but we would never tell you unless we knew it was going to help your business.

meet Brittani
and JON
Who is teaching?

We started Hustle + Flow because we only WISHED 6 years ago when we started wedding photography that there were such things as business workshops. We had an idea what we wanted to accomplish, just needed some guidance.

We went into this field with a passion for photography but also completely blind how to run a successful business. We went through A TON of learning curves, mistakes, guessing games of trial and errors.

Now that we got sucker punched here and there, learned a lot along the way and found true success in the business – we decided to share all of our knowledge and help photographers gain the same success that we have. We believe there is enough to go around for all of us to survive financially as full-time.

what you will be learning
"It's time to put on your business hat on
and take this shit seriously”

BRANDING! What That Really Means (And What It DOES NOT Mean).

How To Run Your Business Instead Of Your Business Running You.

How To Price Yourself – No Matter What Market.

Marketing 101

HOW To Properly Advertise.

Break-down Access To Facebook Ads.

WTF Is A Ideal Client?

How To Book Destination Weddings.

Website Breakdown + Info.

What Making Money Really Means

Mental Health Is Important For Your Business + Why

Setting Goals + Making That “Fuck You” Kind Of Money! #BitchImRich

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Is this workshop for Wedding Photographers only?
What if we are a couple/partners? Is there a discount on tickets?
Is Travel and Lodging included?
Toronto Tuesday, July 9th 2019
Tuesday, July 9th 2019
Chicago, Thursday, July 11th 2019
Thursday, July 11th 2019
SOLD OUT: Denver, Tuesday, July 16th 2019
Tuesday, July 16th 2019

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Happy alumni
Happy alumni NYC Florist
Happy alumni – NYC Photographer
Happy alumni – NYC Florist

“After jumping feet first this year into being full time, I felt like I needed some direction and assistance with how best to grow my business. Brittani & Jon were so invested in me from the moment I reached out that I knew instantly I had made the right decision. During our few hours together, we went over all of my insecurities and any questions that I could think of. They were prepared with suggestions, comments, and notes that made me realize they had thoroughly looked over my website and my work. I left feeling inspired and excited, and literally days later saw an incredible shift in the clients reaching out to me, in the weddings I was booking, and in brides connecting with me as a person through reading my website. I’ve doubled my bookings in just weeks since my mentoring session and expect it to keep heading strongly in that direction. I’ve already referred so many people to them who need any sort of direction or support and will continue to do so – it has made such a difference in my business and I know it will do the same for anyone else that decides to work with them.”

Hustle + Flow changed my life and my business. I felt like I was in a pretty decent place when I first signed up to attend; not fully booked with weddings for the entire year, but doing enough to make a decent living. I was looking for a workshop that would help me level up the business side of my business, educated me a little, and not ask me to pay for styled shoots in the meantime. I figured if this workshop could help me book just one wedding I wouldn’t have normally, it would pay for itself. That was enough, and truly all that I expected. What I got was that and so, so much more. Hustle + Flow taught me the true meaning of branding, how to actually market myself, a new way to speak to clients and a pricing method that has changed my booking rate from 60-70% to nearly 100%. I now have the confidence to charge what I’m worth, the education to back up my procedures, and the skill set to take my business to the next level. I still feel like I’m constantly growing and learning 6 months after attending the workshop.  I learned more from a 2-day workshop in Orlando than I did in the 4 years it took me to get my BFA. I’m insanely grateful for the Hons and the information they’ve curated and provided with their attendees, the guest speakers they’ve brought in who are true experts in their fields, and the community they’ve built through this workshop. The price tag on this workshop is worth it for the Facebook group alone. I’m a pretty focused and driven person, but I am constantly inspired to push it to the next level by seeing my peers (and new friends) crushing it across the country. I tell every photographer I meet about Hustle + Flow, and I’m constantly talking about it in every other photographer group I’m in online and in person, because I truly believe that there is nothing else like this on the market. Whether you’re like me and looking to step your game up, or truly at a loss about what to do about your failing business, or just ready to get your ass kicked into learning the info they’re not teaching us in art school, this workshop is next. level. I would’ve paid 4 times as much for half the information they taught me. The results don’t lie. I made as much money between November (when I attended the workshop) and April as I had in the entire previous year. I left Hustle + Flow saying to my partner, “I’m gonna be so fucking rich.” Life isn’t about money, but it sure does help. I am beyond grateful and can’t wait for all the success I will have in the future, with this great community behind me. Thank you Hustle + Flow and Brittani + Jon for giving me what I needed and beyond- I promise to keep making you proud!

“When I arrived at Hustle + Flow, I was still trying to keep my head above water as a full-time photographer. I had zero projects for 2017 or 2018 booked. Nada. Zip. Zero. Since the workshop, in just 4 months, I have booked 29 weddings for 2017 and 10 weddings for 2018. Last week, I hit my first six figures ($100,000) in bookings. THAT is the magic of Hustle + Flow. Plain and simple. There are so many workshops out there competing for your money. The Hon’s motto is true: they are the photographers who really do give a shit. The knowledge from their talk/course and the inspiration from them was exactly what I needed to push myself and my business to the next level (and then five more levels after that).”

I attended Hustle & Flow Nashville in July 2018, a month after leaving my part-time job as a nanny! I thought- I’m going to take the leap with this, travel to Tennessee and give it my best and see what the hell happens. I thought I would have to get another part time job at the end of summer, but I was very wrong. Hustle & Flow helped me transition to being a full-time photographer with so much ease. Yes, it’s damn hard work and I love and appreciate that they stress that the most, but when you put half of what you have learned from Brittani & Jon towards yourself and your business, you will thrive. I went from photographing 7 weddings in 2018 to now having 18 booked for 2019 and 2 for 2020. Hustle and Flow has helped me out tremendously with thinking more like an entrepreneur. I photograph boudoir as well and having been growing that side of my business tremendously, hoping it will reach the same point of income that my weddings bring in. Since H&F I have been able to afford to live on my own, something I thought I wouldn’t get to experience for a while, cause rent is fucking steep. I owe so much of my new found drive, hustle and success to Brittani & Jon and the entire Hustle and Flow Community. This is the only space I ever want to learn about business and I cannot thank everyone enough for the love and dedication put towards this community. <3 To anyone thinking of attending- just do and change your life!

“Hustle + Flow changing the game when it comes to photography education! Their mentoring sessions are insightful, powerful, and most importantly REAL. They don’t shy away from nitty gritty questions about the business aspects of photography and they tell it to you candidly so you can get the most from your time with them. Don’t expect them to just spit out a pre-designed script like so many other educators. They take this personally and cater to YOUR needs to make your time with them as impactful as possible. I can’t even begin to tell you how refreshing it is to have them as a brain resource instead of struggling with hours of useless googling to try to find answers to my questions!”