Time to make money
What is hustle+Flow?

We’re here to lay it all out for you when it comes to being an entrepreneur. This is a two day workshop from morning ’til night going over each layer of running a functional, operational and successful business. We will dig deep down into your limiting thoughts so we can break your fears and comfort zones. Scared to advertise? Jon will break down HOW to market, WHERE to market and WHO to market too based on the clients that you want to hire you. Brittani will go over a realistic and authentic brand that really represents who you are so you don’t feel like a fraud in your biz. You want to get hired for who you truly are and the amazing experience you know you are ready to give to your clients.


We know that you can transform your relationship with your finances and business from stress, lack, and fear TO —> overflow, happiness, and freedom. Because isn’t that the whole point of taking this huge risk and doing what you love on our own as a entrepreneur? To be overflowing in inquiries and bookings, being happy while running your business and having financial freedom?

We’re here to actually connect the dots from point A (wanting) success in your business to point B (having) success in your business.

But we can’t help you until you take action. Take the leap. Tell yourself, spouse, friends, and/or family to trust your vision/goals/decision. Because life is about to change. You just need to make a move…

You need to get into the room.

The second you walk into this workshop, you will be walking into the next chapter of your life that will forever change and we promise that if you listen and apply — you’ll never look back.

meet Brittani
and JON
Who is teaching?

BRITTANI AKA “Mami”: I’m the sassy, firey, no bullshit teacher. If you mixed GaryVee + Cardi B…. well…. hello, it me. However, I will say that I have learned to embrace my vulnerable side lately (Thank you, Brene Brown!). I’ve learned there’s a time to be tough love and there’s a time to drop the tough and just show the love. Learning to gauge different personalities of attendees who have different walks of life and sharing my own personal failures/mistakes have shaped me into a better teacher of balancing between the two sides of who I am. Alumni’s call me Mami because I will give you the kick in the ass that you need and then hug you at the end of the day.

JON AKK “Papi”: He does not want to write anything about himself on here. So he told me (Brittani) to tell you all “you’ll see when you meet me and why everyone calls me PAPI”.

what you will be learning
"It's time to put on your business hat on
and take this shit seriously”

Branding: What it is and what it is NOT.

Step by step finding clarity in your voice.

Pricing + The cost of doing business + How to sell yourself.

Advertising: How it works.

Facebook Ad’s breakdown so you have a higher success rate.

Ideal Client: Actually knowing what that means.

Jon’s infamous “Stalking Method” (Free Advertising)

Website Pitfalls: Homepage, About, Navigation + Contact form.

Emailing + Communication with clients

Social Media and using the platform to your advantage


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Hustle + Flow | Los Angeles March 10th & 11th 2020
Tuesday, March 10th 2020