The Complete GET SH!T Done – Wedding Workflow



  • Level up your client experience. 9 pages of information!
  • An easier way to get solid reviews because you’re on top of your shit.
  • Checklist-style workflow so you can knock everything without feeling like you want to cry.
  • INCLUDES: What to do right after booking, sending a welcome email, setting up engagement session, uploading, editing, delivering, what to do leading up to wedding day, the night of wedding uploading (and some mental health tips), how to knock out efficient culling, editing, delivery + album workflow.
  • 30-MINUTE VIDEO of Max McQueen (The Hons Studio Manager) + Brittani Hon going through the workflow. It’s not boring, promise. Lots of bloopers, jokes and extra gold nugget advice tips are included.
  • A FREE SAMPLE questionnaire to send to clients & a sample pre-wedding vendor email template (it will make sense what this is once you watch the video). You are welcome, boo!


Q: Do we have to attend a Hustle + Flow workshop before purchasing this?

A: Nope! This has nothing to do with the workshop. It’s a checklist style workflow for efficiency + organization. It’s a tool to help your business.

Q: Is there limited availability or will this be available continuously?

A: It will be available continuously. But we may raise the price on it, so we suggest you snag it asap!

Q: Are there refunds?

A: Since you are able to download this, the answer is no refunds.  Sorry, but we don’t know you, and you might be possibly trying to scam us by getting your hands on this and then trying to get your money back. We gotta protect our business. But that’s why we are showing you real reviews from other photographers to reassure that this is a great tool and product.

Q: Is there for wedding photographers only?

A: Yes, we recommend this is for Wedding photographers.

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