Now, more than ever, is the best time to think bigger for multiple streams of income.

Life is throwing major curve balls at you with COVID19, however - that doesn't mean you can't dodge 'em and not only survive but THRIVE during this time.

What sets this mastermind apart is that jon will guide you through the process over the next 8 weeks.

Have NO idea what to sell? Not sure where to even begin? Clueless how this even works? 

Not to worry, all you need is the willingness + hustle to work hard… Jon will lead the way for the rest.

Real People. Real results.

I am brand new to the E-Com world. Setting up an online store is real work. But if you are serious about it and you are ready to risk your time and investment into your future, then hop on this train. With everything going on with COVOD19, right now is the best time to start selling online. I have made over 8k in sales, Urban Outfitters reached out to me about having my product in their online store and I have a die-hard fan base who can’t get enough of my brand. – Jessica Bellinger (Bess&Color)


There’s an already built community in a private Facebook Group with past E-comm people who are going to be supportive, help you, guide you and answer any questions during the mastermind. Everyone has a “Day 1” and everyone is willing to be the community that  you need to lean on to help grow and sustain your business.


you don't need to be e-comm savvy

It’s okay if you have NO IDEA how launching an E-com product works. That’s the point of this mastermind. You will be guided to brainstorm what kind of product peaks your interest to sell, then pick the product brand wholesale, source the product, advertise the product and launch the product. 


If you have a specific niche you want to share as an educational online course, then you’ve came to the right place as well. Jon + Brittani have made over 2.1 million in sales selling their knowledge with online courses, virtual workshops + downloadable products.


It all started when I became obsessed with mini projectors and realized I could sell my own. I made $465,000 in sales with no previous knowledge about E-comm.

I was constantly told growing up to “get a job because that meant “security”.

I hated having a boss.
I hated not having freedom. 
I hated working hard for someone else’s dream.

I’ve learned you can do anything that you put your mind too. I refused to be limited in my career and life. Being anxious about where the next dollar was coming from to fill up my gas tank was getting old. I wanted more. 

There’s this amazing thing called The Internet and I started reading blogs of entrepreneurs who quit their jobs and created their own.

I’ve been self-employed for years and have made almost 1 million dollars in sales with multiple E-Comm Stores.

Now, I am going to show you how to do the same.

Setting Up Your Business

You will be able to set up your business and systems to work properly. You will have a clear understanding and mission of your next entrepreneurial vision. You will have learned how to set up systems, automations, structure, and SOP's (standard operating procedures). You will have a clear mind-map of your business and a path to profitability with long term success.

  • Organizing Your Business & Life
  • Your Business Game Plan
  • Craft Your Standard Operating Procedures
  • The Frame Work For Your Idea
  • Putting Your Idea On Paper
  • How To Come Up With An Idea For a Product

Innovative Ideas

You will learn to brainstorm your next idea, even if you have one already, and we will begin building that idea and framework around it. You will then build a target customer around that idea and we will validate to ensure that your idea will be a product that you consumer will want to buy. No wasting time trying to see if the product will sell or not.

Building a REAL brand

Once a product is chosen, branding for it begins. Even choosing the colors and fonts that will make your target consumer want to buy. We will brainstorm on names, logos and even build a brand kit together to help you solidify not just your product but your E-commerce store as a one-of-a-kind brand

  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming Your Business
  • The Visual Brand Part - The Logo - Look - Colors
  • What Type Of Store Should You Start?
  • Setting Up your Store
  • And So Much More

How To Build A Store

Step by step on how to set up pages, even help with the necessary text & copy for each page. You will be able to set up the product pages to convert for sales.

Sourcing + Finding Products

I will show you my suppliers from overseas and even US suppliers. You will be able to find products that are sustainable for environment. All the way from Drop-shipping to full-on product design and manufacturing. We will also go over how to set up and sell digital products such as download-type products and digital courses.

  • Finding What To Private Label
  • Packaging & Design
  • How To Find A Local Manufacturer
  • Product Pricing
  • Ordering Your First Product
  • Profit Margins

Pricing + Profitability

We will go over up-sell options, add on's and have product enhancements.

Generating Traffic

How to get free traffic and also paid traffic. How to reach out to influencers, what to say to influencers, how to set up a system to easily deliver your content and products to influencers to post for you. You will learn to set up guidelines to display and show your product and brand. You will learn how to set up Facebook Ads. (We even have experts to help you set it up if you need the help). I will demonstrate an easy way to drive targeted traffic from instagram and facebook ads.

  • The Full Funnel Strategy
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords
  • How to Build An Email List
  • How To Keep Your Subscribers Engaged
  • Repeat Customers

Email Marketing

How to build an email list and learn to launch new products to that email list. You will learn best practices and set it up to be automated (and not be annoying about it).


such as tracking numbers, delivering digital downloads and automating your business to run without you having to stay on top of it 24/7. (please note you will still have to build this when you first start off and you will always have to be aware of your business. Just want to be clear that you will not have a magical robotic money making machine).

  • Learn Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Build Time Saving Automations
  • Learn How To Use Zapier
  • Logistics
  • Scaling
  • Outsourcing

LAUNCH Checklist

how to properly launch your E-com Or Online Digital Course website and begin collecting orders.


I am going to walk you through on how to find virtual assistants to help you run your business, such as placing orders, replying to customers, processing exchanges or refunds.

  • Learn the exact methods that allow you to work FEWER hours per week, all while you make more money.
  • Learn how & where to outsource, delegate, and automate your business to improve your work-life balance.
  • Learn how to time batch & time block your week to accomplish more than ever before.
  • How To Hire Talent
  • Building SOP's
  • When To Outsource

Master Entrepreneur

you will learn how to be the person who has all the tools to create new products and to build the life you have always wanted. You will have a clear mission and vision.



The mastermind starts on May 4th (may the fourth be with you…)

So what this means is once sign up closes, it’s closed officially. 

Yes, I want to check out the offer now


The common questions people ask me:


Is this a course?

There are pre-recorded videos that I have made for you to watch. But there will also be LIVE zoom calls every week with me.


What if I can’t make it for every LIVE zoom call?

That’s fine, the zoom is recorded and will be sent to you to watch. But I suggest you try your best to make the LIVE calls so your questions can be answered by me as you implement the knowledge from the pre-recorded videos.


Will there be support for me during this?

Yes. There is a private Facebook Group with past Ecom members who are very excited to have you, welcome you and help you, (I am also in the group and active as well).


What if I don’t know what product to sell?

That’s totally okay. It’s usual that most people don’t know what to sell at first. We will have a brainstorming session to figure out what peaks your interest and what will make good profits.


What if I want to be an online educator or course creator?

Technically, that’s still a “product” 🙂 So this mastermind is right up your alley to help you build that brand and launch successfully.


Do I need to have a lot of money to buy product in order to sell?

Not necessarily. The method I teach will start you off with small samples (which is affordable) to start selling. That way, you can promote “selling out” because you have limited product which increases demand which = waitlist and pre-orders which = money!